Welcome to Smiley's Funzone
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Smiley's Attractions and Amusements

Indoor & Outdoor Amusements at Smiley's

You can never smile or laugh enough! So whether you're inside at Smiley's arcade games or outside on our adventure rides, you'll hear lots of squeals and outright laughing out loud! Don’t be afraid to join in – there’s a game and attraction just waiting to tickle your funny bone.


Get your Miles of Smiles All-Day Pass!
Only $30 – Come Early – Stay Late! Go-Carts, Bumper Boats, Mini Golf, and Laser Tag! EXTRA BONUS-Dine at Smiley’s first and we’ll give you $5 off the Miles of Smiles All-Day Pass.

Smiley's operates on a new debit card system called The Fun Value Card. Buy value on your existing card at our kiosk centers or from any cashier. Time play, per ride play, arcade games, food and beverage all use the Fun Value Card and it stores your ticket winnings too!

Smiley's Attractions and Amusements

Indoor Amusements

Rain or shine there is always fun to be had at Smiley's Fun Zone! Come play at Smiley's, fun for the whole family!

Outdoor Amusements

Come play outdoors at Smiley's Fun Zone! Fun for the whole family with views of Deep Creek Lake!